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Technical Exchange Press Release

Technical Exchange Press Release

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2018/04/10 14:23
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From January 27 to 28, 2016, our company and Buhler held a technical exchange meeting in the conference room. Company leaders Ye Zong, Wu Zong, Liang Liang and other technicians attended the meeting.
The main contents of this conference are technical exchanges such as mold design, casting system design, and temperature control system design, as well as advice and advice from Buhler to our company's technical research and development.
The meeting was highly valued by the company's leaders. During the meeting, Liang introduced the technical aspects of the clamping force, injection pressure ratio, and boost pressure setting of the Buhler die casting machine, and selected the position of the booster and the punch. Reasonable use of the ratio of the area to the area of the inner gate, the selection of boost pressure, and the proper matching of the increased position and pressure have led to in-depth and friendly exchanges and discussions.
The meeting laid the foundation for further friendly cooperation between our company and Buhler. Our leaders highly praised Buhler's scientific spirit, affirmed Buhler's contribution in the development of cavity technology, and proposed improvements. Suggest.