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Warmly congratulate the company's "Graphics + Pinyin + Guangmiao" trademark was rated as a famous brand in Guangdong Province

Warmly congratulate the company's "Graphics + Pinyin + Guangmiao" trademark was rated as a famous brand in Guangdong Province

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2018/04/10 14:24
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In April 2014, after being judged by the Guangdong Provincial Famous Trademark Review Committee, our company's "" trademark was rated as a famous brand in Guangdong Province. This award-winning “Guangdong Famous Trademark” title effectively proved the company’s excellent product quality and satisfactory service. It once again gained a high degree of trust and praise from the market. At the same time, it also reflected the authority of the national authority on the broad brand. Fully affirmed and trusted!  
It is understood that the assessment of Guangdong's well-known trademarks will be subject to strict scrutiny on products, services, reputation, scale, performance, promotion and management, etc., and the trademark applied for this title must be registered for more than three years, in the province. The brand that enjoys a high reputation in the market and is known to the relevant public, and needs local city-level business management departments, provincial industry associations, etc. to provide assessment reports, is a major test of the company's overall strength and brand management status.
As one of the few mold brands in the province that has won this honor, our company has fully demonstrated that the business scale, business model and various economic indicators of the province are already in the leading position in the same industry in the province, and has been affirmed by the authorities of the government and Recognizing that this will greatly enhance the popularity and reputation of the broad brand, it also lays a good foundation for the brand to carry out brand rights protection and accelerate the development and operation of the national market.
This is a great news in the growth of our company's brand, and it is also the result of the company's long-standing strategy of adhering to the brand strategy of “talent is the first resource and brand is the first productive force”. This will mean that the brand's influence will rise to a new level and formally rank among the top brands.
Looking into the future, the wide brand will use the opportunity of winning the “Guangdong Famous Brand” to further establish the brand image, promote product innovation and marketing innovation, and establish a new benchmark in the field of die-casting molds. The achievement of honor is not the end, but it is precisely the starting point for us to cherish honor and polish our brand. Therefore, in the face of honors, the broad-based people will also accumulate honors, continue their efforts in brand building, and climb higher peaks; with scientific and technological innovation as a leader, they will continue to improve quality, improve service quality, and demonstrate customer value. The broad-minded people are willing to work together with distributors across the country and even the world to work together to create a brilliant and brilliant future for a wide-ranging brand.